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House in Restelo

2021 / Projects

Lead Architect

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2020 / Lapa

House in Restelo

Escala Landscape Architecture
Consulplano Engineering
Joana Forjaz Lighting Design

Type of Project
Renovation / Extension


Restelo, Lisbon

1445 SQM 


Extension of an existing building in Restelo, Lisboa. The main façade was maintained, and a lower ground level was created. The extension is proposed through the North and the rear façade, respecting the architectural language of the existing building. The existing materials were used together with modern features such as the opening of the external windows and doors, and the use of minimalist stonework.


The house extension is proposed at the North and rear, where the sun exposure is lower, through a modern volume with a plane roof. The existing roof edge detail is kept all around the building, to create a transition between the existing roof and the extension, to integrate the existing architecture with the new volume.


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Casa no Restelo
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