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House in Mucifal

2020 / Projects

Lead Architect

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2020 / Lapa



House in Mucifal

Team / Partners

Joana Forjaz Lighting Design

Consulplano Engenharia

Type of Project

New build


Colares, Sintra, Portugal


185 SQM 


Project for a 185 sqm private family house in Mucifal, Sintra

The site is characterized by its rural scenery e abundance of protected oak trees that surround the ruins of an old barn.

The proposal adopts the footprint of the existing ruin as the central space of the new house, adopting 4 volumes of new construction around this central body. The central roof is proposed in traditional ceramic tiles as an attempt to integrate the project in the context of its surroundings.

The 4 volumes coupled to the heart of the house are distanced between each other through large scale glass windows that create the visual connection between the interiors and exteriors of the house with a focus on the view to the main garden developed around the oak trees.

In its materiality, a contrast is proposed between the new materials such as woodwork concrete and white plaster, and the existing materials such as existing ruin cladding in stone and elements of vernacular architecture.

The main suite is the only space in the house with 2 floors proposed on a pyramid structural volume, inspired in the palace archetypes of Sintra. This volume disguises its height on the natural slope of the site and it is split by a glass tear that aims to contemplate the oldest and large oak tree on site.


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Casa no Mucifal
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