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House in Lapa

2020 / Projects

Lead Architect

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2020 / Lapa


House in Lapa


Joana Forjaz Lighting Design

Nave Engineering

Osborne Construtora 

Druid (CGIs)

Type of Project




Lisbon, Portugal


300 SQM 


Renovation of a 300 sqm house in Lapa, Lisbon.

The project included the interior renovation and creation of a small roof terrace on a Duplex flat in a typical Lisbon historical building within a conservation area.

The interior concept included the recovery and reconfiguration of the existing skylights, both internally and externally, to maximize natural light inside the house. The existing woodwork around doors and windows was redesigned to simpler lines, along with proposed new materials such as light timber and light colors to lift the space in its interior atmosphere to a more modern environment. Local materials such as the typical Lioz stone were proposed for the entrance hall and stairs.

In line with the building’s technical requirements, the creation of a small roof terrace was proposed as negative inserted in the back of the roof, maintaining the existing alignments and original characteristics of the existing roof in ceramic tiles, in accordance with its surroundings and the historical conservation area of Madragoa.


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