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House in Belas

2020 / Projects

Lead Architect

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2020 / Lapa

House in Belas

In collaboration with Hueb Ferreira Arquitetos

Type of Project
New build


Belas, Sintra, Portugal

375 SQM 


Architectural concept for a private house on a 1000 SQM site in Belas, Sintra. The topography of the terrain had a level difference of 7 meters which presented the biggest challenge in the development of the architecture proposal. Because of this, the main access to the house was proposed through the first floor, where all the private areas are allocated, whilst the lower ground floor is completely opened to the garden and pool, that become sheltered by the nature of the site’s topography. The 3 level house sits on a solid concrete base where the technical areas are allocated, transitioning to an upper glazed ground floor, opened to the garden, that houses the social areas. On top of this level sits an upper loose volume that accommodates the entrance of the house accessed through a pedestrian bridge, and the private areas. The proposed plans for the house aim to present a simple layout, easy circulation and to promote a connection with the exterior.


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Casa em Belas
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